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Helping companies reduce Data Collection Risk
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With Zendata you can scan hundreds of thousands of exposure points to identify conflicts between your data management practices and relevant data regulations. And use the insights to take action before you’re faced with a legal issue. Set it up and let the platform do the legwork for you.

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges of this project was to communicate in an accessible way data and privacy instruments that normally have a highly complex technical and legal background. On the other hand, to refresh the overall image and usability patterns so that the platform would correctly meet the users' objectives and avoid errors or confusion.


I started a process of discovery, ideation, rapid prototyping, visual design and execution that give us the opportunity to aligned ourselves correctly, developed quickly and affectively and Zendata had the opportunity to validate the business model and platform with users and investors.

Here are some of the most important improvements we delivered:

New landing page

We work in coordination with the founder and the marketing team to adjust communication efforts, functionalities and aesthetics of the landing page. We restructured the information architecture with a user-centered approach, generated illustrations and animations to reinforce the company's value proposition from a visual perspective.

Zendata newest landing page
Zendata newest landing page

Privacy report

Privacy reporting is one of the main features of Zendata. It allows users to quickly request a privacy report for any website. The report shows a comprehensive analysis and gives you the appropriate guidelines to improve your score and the protection of user data. The reception of this solution has been fabulous and extremely useful. It also helps the company to gain leads on an ongoing basis.

First page of the privacy report
First page of the privacy report

Scheduling Scans

This is a premium feature that is as easy to elaborate as in the best calendars (Google Calendar or Calendly) but specifically focused on the needs related to our user type and privacy reports.

Zendata Schedulling Scans
Zendata Schedulling Scans

Visualizing data

One of the most interesting (and arduous) tasks was to establish the best patterns to effectively visualize the incredible amount of data in the different categories of the report. We decided to use different approaches depending on the context we wanted to represent and we tested each solution with users to get their perception of it. The current graphs are the ones that achieved the highest positive response rate.

Sankey diagram serves to visualize and depict a flow from one set of values to another. Here is how it looks in a Personal data result.
Sankey diagram serves to visualize and depict a flow from one set of values to another. Here is how it looks in a Personal data result.



Pedro Piñango - CPO

Juan Perozo - Lead Developer

Mauricio Barceló - Backend Developer

Maximiliano Rondón - Frontend Developer

Adonay Lizardo - Product Designer

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