About me

I’m a freelance digital product designer and entrepreneur with a background in business administration. My primary focus is on helping startups and companies work through a discovery process where we explore new ideas rooted in user need. I usually work from the birth of the project until it is launched and trace its growth.

I’ve designed digital products and services for over 8 years. In that time I’ve been fortunate to work with some well-known companies including: Space Flight Industries, Procter & Gamble Latam, Xara Cloud, Finoa, FJLabs, BMW, StratiFi, Valmy and Santa Rita States. I have also worked with creative and development agencies such as Talpor, LoremLabs, Hipinspire and Screen Media Group.

I work remotely from my studio in Barquisimeto. Most of my clients are located in Europe and United States. I’m open to travel for design or research studies.

In 2015 I started teaching and became passionate about it. Initially I did it with online companies like Crehana, then I gave conferences in Venezuela, Panama and Colombia, until it evolved into my own company in 2020 called Academia Sinergia.

In March 2022 I started to serve as UX Mentor at CareerFoundry to help students around the globe realize their fullest potential with the combination of industry insight and step-by-step support

Fun fact: I am also an enthusiast of rock climbing, meditation, stock market investing, and pro-bono activities for the design community.


👨‍💻 Work experience

This is an excerpt from my recent experience, dig more into my LinkedIn.


UX Design Mentor

DesignLab, US Remote - July 2022 up to the present

DesignLab is a remote platform that empowers creators to do the work they love.

I am Teaching design through hands-on projects and 1:1 mentoring. I guide my students during their progress and prepare them to succeed on their UX Design career.

We’re combining the power of the internet with the magic of 1-on-1 mentoring to create an invaluable educational experience that is affordable and accessible worldwide. Our goal is to guide you to find the creative work you love, and to help you become a master of your craft.


UX Design Mentor

CareerFoundry, Germany Remote - March 2022 up to the present

CareerFoundry is a global community of over 800 educational experts, career specialist, mentors and tutors—united in the belief that, given the right tools, anyone can develop the skills they need to build a career they love. We now have 3000+ active students around the globe.

At CF, I serve as a UX career mentor sharing my knowledge as senior expert, committed to empowering the next generation of tech. As a specialist in the field, I'll serve students as their personal introduction to their new career.


UX Consultant

talPor, Chile Remote – June 2019 up to the present

Talpor is a multidisciplinary company that uses research and design methods to develop integral solutions in the areas of web and mobile technology for entrepreneurs. Currently I lead UX digital design work.

As a UX Design Consultant in Talpor I take care of:

  • Influence the business and technology areas to continuously project the product focused on the needs of the end user.
  • Raise requirements through participatory design techniques and field research with end users.
  • Produce specifications of requirements for stakeholders through the creation of people, storyboards, scenarios and flowcharts.
  • Create prototypes and wireframes that can be used to validate solutions with end users of stakeholder meetings.
  • Constantly collaborate with Visual Designers to ensure that the visual language created meets the proposed interaction requirements.
  • Constantly collaborate with Front-End Developers to ensure that the proposed solutions are feasible and that the proposed standards are maintained during coding.
  • UX / UI design for websites, mobile applications and interfaces for digital platforms.

UX Design Teacher

Crehana, Perú Remote – December 2015 to January 2021

Crehana is a Peruvian startup whose mission is to make everyone's professional dream possible through online education. We have a multidisciplinary team focused on creating unique educational experiences for our students.

As a UX teacher at Crehana I was in charge of teaching tools, concepts and best practices of user experience design to students in Latin America with online theoretical/practical courses.


UX Strategist

Sinergia - Laboratorio de Innovación estratégica, Venezuela & Panamá – April 2018 up to the present

At Sinergia, we help organizations design better futures for people by making a positive impact on the world.

I am in charge of creating spaces and methodologies for the team and our allies to inspire and connect through the implementation of strategic design.

We also created Academia Sinergia a collaborative space where we help entrepreneurs learn how to conceive, create and launch a digital project.


UX Art Director

Hipinspire, Bosnia & Herzegovina Remote – July 2019 to June 2020

At Hipinspire we help the best firms in Europe and the United States to grow and position themselves in the digital world. Some of our Key Clients are: Udemy, GitLab, zoom.us, CrazyEgg, Tim Ferris, Google, Samsung, VMware, Nestle, Audi, Lexus, McLaren, Lufthansa , easyJet, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Shell or Handelsbanken.

Currently, Hipinspire is the best web design company in Europe and is recognized in the Top 20 worldwide.

My role within the company is to generate and execute creative concepts from the idea, the design to the finished product and to lead and mentor the creative team. I specialize in digital projects such as websites, mobile apps and graphic interfaces developed under the UX methodology.


Head of Design

Tumotorizado.com and zhipcode, Chile & Venezuela – October 2015 to October 2017

Tumotorizado is a Venezuelan startup of high social impact that focuses on offering solutions for the last mile in the national territory by connecting independent messengers with companies and customers who need delivery, transfer or management services through a digital web and mobile platform .

My role within the company consists on:

  • Leading Design Dept.
  • Generate aesthetics and branding guidelines
  • Redesign website and apps
  • Support in business and technology strategies
  • Improve brand presence in RRSS
  • Creation of special content RRSS
  • Support for IT equipment
  • Market Research

Digital Planner

Screen Media Group, Venezuela Remote – May 2015 to Sep 2015

At SMG we specialize in Disruptive Marketing and digital consulting. We offer concept, execution and analytics. We have over 18 years in the market, more than 1,500 projects developed, our articles and advice have appeared in the top media in the United States and we obtained the Top 15 of the 100 High Tech according to IT Manager magazine.

As Digital Planner, I take care of:

  • Creative and Art Direction in Social Media Content
  • Creative Direction campaigns
  • Development of strategy for new customers (Media and social media)
  • Market Research
  • Creation of copys (Web, special content in social networks, advertising banners, influencers, media patterns, etc.)
  • Support the development project interfaces.

📚 Education

Ongoing studies:

Leadership Bootcamp for new managers

Started March 2022


FullStack Web Development

Started Jan 2022


Completed studies:

Micro degree in Product Management

March 2021

UTEC (Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología del Perú) and Crehana. Certificate

UX Process management

March 2022

Platzi & Torresburriel estudio

Prototyping from Zero with Figma

March 2022


Professional Senior Trader

May 2021

Pro Trading Skills

Specialist in Graphic Design and Visual Communication


Centro Instituto de Diseño Gráfico CIDIG

Specialist in Digital Illustration


Centro Instituto de Diseño Gráfico CIDIG

Business Administrator


Instituto Nacional de Capacitación y Educación INCES

Rapid development of innovative products for emerging markets

Tecnológico de Monterrey


User research: Qualitative research

March 2022


Technology course for Managers and Directors

March 2022


Growth for Startups

Started February 2022


Effective Networking

March 2022


Personal Branding

March 2022


Crash course on Creativity - Venture Lab

Standford University


Creative Problem Solving

University of Minnesota


Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies

University of Maryland


Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

University of Virginia