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The smart way to create marketing documents that work
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Xara Cloud is a document creation and editing tool that enables anyone to create professional quality marketing materials for their business. No design experience needed.

The challenge

Since the beginning of 2019 we have been supporting them with UX Consultancy to help them recognize the needs of their users and achieve business objectives.

Xara Cloud competes against large world-renowned companies, however we have managed to consolidate an important market niche in Europe and the United States by showing the unique qualities of the platform and reducing the learning curve of users.


Some of the UX methods I run to find the best insights, validate design or functionality ideas, or even prepare for major platform updates were:

  • Remote usability testing
  • Low and High fidelity prototypes
  • Google´s HEART framework
  • Heuristic diagnoses
UX Report for Xara Cloud MVP3
UX Report for Xara Cloud MVP3


We helped design, test and improve from MVP 3 to 5. We also redesign important aspects of the interface and workflows such as on boarding, Editor, Dashboard, etc.

Xara Cloud Editor
Xara Cloud Editor
Xara Cloud Dashboard
Xara Cloud Dashboard


March 12 2020, Xara Cloud released its biggest update yet: new graphical interface, an improved editor, new collaborative tools. UX methodologies allowed these projects to be correctly routed, their internal deadlines to be met and most importantly: constantly discover opportunities for improvement.

Today millions of people around the world use Xara to create stunning content, collaborate with colleagues, and grow their business. Xara is a VC funded company, has 50+ employees, and with headquarters in Berlin and an R&D office in London.

Xara has raised a total of €3M in funding over 1 round by Bellevue Investments & Co.

Aaron Shutter - Product Manager (Xara)

Raisa Berger - Art Director

Ekaterina S - UI Designer

Adonay Lizardo - UX Designer

Luis Miguel Bello - UX Research

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