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Space Flight Industries

Space Flight Industries
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Innovation from a Celestial perspective
Graphic DesignBrand design

Spaceflight Industries provides small-satellite services and solutions to enable new applications through the commercialization of space.

The challenge

Spaceflight is a premier launch services and mission management provider, offering routine, cost-effective access to space so companies can innovate and benefit from a celestial perspective and explore beyond our planet.

During 2019 and 2020 I had the great opportunity to work on branding related to several of the space missions.


I started by designing the mission patches, conceptualizing the purposes of each mission, the companies or partners involved, the type of cargo, etc.


I designed for 7 different missions that involved space rocket launches, deploying emerging technologies in space, delving into more ambitious earth-facing studies and all of this was partly making me write a few letters of human history.

RL-2 mission launched Tokyo-based ALE’s Sky Canvas, the world’s first artificial shooting star project, which deployed to a 400km circular Sun Synchronous orbit, which is beneath the International Space Station. The company’s satellite created artificial shooting stars by safely releasing particles, precisely controlling the reentry location, date, and time of the man-made shooting stars. When the particles re-entered the earth’s atmosphere, they fully burned up, creating the appearance of shooting stars on the ground.

RL-3 mission objective is to demonstrate Canon Electronics Inc.’s Earth-imaging technology with high-resolution and wide-angle cameras, as well as test the microsatellite for mass production.

RL-4 customers were BlackSky and United States Air Force Space Command. This mission, called “Look Ma, No Hands” by Rocket Lab, represented Spaceflight’s second of several launches scheduled with Rocket Lab

SEOPS-2 mission had involved NASA and DARPA as customers. The launch vehicles were SpaceX Dragon and Northdrop Grumman Cygnus. This mission helped the Space Station (ISS) to resupplying the astronauts. PSLV missions C48 and C49 helped to improve operation for Earth observation, maritime monitoring, communications, meteorology and science.

Mission Patch for PSLV C48 and PSLV C49
Mission Patch for PSLV C48 and PSLV C49


Spaceflight Industries has raised a total of $203.5M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Mar 13, 2018 from a Series C round. They also launch more than 7 other missions to space.

Marko Bijelic - Product Manager

Adonay Lizardo - Product Designer

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