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Empowering Latam Students with UX Design Skills

Product designUX

Crehana is a Peruvian startup whose mission is to make everyone's professional dream possible through online education. We have a multidisciplinary team focused on creating unique educational experiences for our students.

As a UX teacher at Crehana I was in charge of teaching tools, concepts and best practices of user experience design to students in Latin America with online theoretical/practical courses.


In the classes, I focused mainly on showing students today's most robust and modern tools and methodologies and how to use them in real projects.

At the end of each course we evaluated with a project that received feedback from teachers and students from the whole community. It was great to see how people with zero knowledge at the beginning managed at the end of the course to create apps, set up user tests, create prototypes and even go a step further with animations or powerful case studies.


I launched my first course on the platform in December 2015, it was one of the first ones related to UX Design back then.

In the following years I launched 4 other courses with which I had the privilege of sharing knowledge to +2000 students in the region.

My collaboration as a teacher in Crehana ended in January 2021, after almost 6 years of great experience. I still keep in touch with the Crehana team and collaborate in feedback related to the platform for instructors. I am also still in contact with a good number of students who are now working in the profession for companies of all types.